I blog here. I don't write often. Yes, I need to fix that.

I mostly like playing around with little apps or samples and I have quite a few gists. But, those aren't exactly approachable. Most of them were written to share either on Twitter or in various chat channels. I think I'll curate some of the most interesting ones over to my blog.

I have a lot of experience with C# and .net. I think I have enough experience to say I'm definitely not an expert.

I also like learning other languages as I feel it gives me fresh ways to look at possible solutions in my domain. I haven't taken any language far enough to build out any of my awesome ideas. But, I should.

Lately, I've been diving into Go a bit more seriously. I know the language, and it's author, force rather polarizing opinions. For me, though, it's been wonderful as a low-ceremony, straight-forward language. In a way, it's brought back a lot of the joy I felt when I was first learning how to program.

If you want help with anything related to gardening (one of my passions although I'm currently dirt-less), web development with .NET, or just someone to pair up with on fun problems, please reach out.

You can reach me at hyrman@fastmail.net, @hyrman on twitter.com, or via pull requests on this repo.

I had the pleasure of working with some very talented graphic designers back at Allianz Life. After I left there, I decided I wanted to freshen up the blog I used for my side business (one mouse software, long since defunct). I commissioned a logo and site layout from Mike Evans and he obviously poured a lot of love into the design. Unfortunately, a site designed in 2009 looks like a site designed in 2009. The logo is downright bad-ass, though, so it's staying with me no matter what comes.

There's an ongoing trend in software development to talk about rockstar programmers and ninjas. I can understand the sentiment but it doesn't gel with me. Rockstars have a reputation for partying hard and working drunk. A good ninja is solitary and leaves no trace. Software development is a team sport and I want to collaborate with others. For me, this means keeping a sense of humility centered so that you can learn from everyone.