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Your Money Ratios, a review

I read a book so you don't have to

Using Prism.js with AJAX content

Integrating PrismJS on a blog that doesn't do full page requests

JSON and the Headspring Labs Enumeration

Exploring a library for a better way to do enumerations in .NET

AngularJS Controller on Directive

How to specify a dependencies for a controller inside a directive in AngularJS

AngularJS @ FrontEndMasters, my review

Wherein I reflect on some learnin' I did.

An introduction to AutoMapper

How to take everything from this object and put it in that object

Fun with Stack Ranking

Fun with corporate bullshit

A stupid weeknight project

Love Hate Relationship with GitHub Stats

GitHub's gamification of my commits; I hate it.

My .gitconfig

Tips, tricks, and stupid things you can do with Git