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AngularJS @ FrontEndMasters, my review

I had the opportunity to attend a hybrid online/in-person training course on AngularJS offered by Frontend Masters this last week. The course was taught by Lukas Ruebbelke. I attended online.

The course was good, excellent even. Lukas obviously knows this space well, is an engaging speaker, and was able to keep things going at a fair pace. If you have the chance to catch Lukas at an event or user group, be sure to make time to do so.

Marc Grabanski put this workshop together and facilitated the event. Launching a hybrid online/in-person model is gutsy and, I think, overall he pulled it off.

So, general impressions…

  1. Due to the nature of just how it is, the people in the classroom were able to more easily ask questions. Marc did a good job of facilitating questions from the online crowd and managed to reign in everyone after the lunch break to keep things moving along.

  2. This particular workshop would be stellar for someone with no, or basic, knowledge of AngularJS. I found that it was good review but I didn’t learn much new from it. That’s not a knock against the class though. I would definitely be interested in a class on more advanced topics on Angular. In-depth performance discussions, structuring large apps, coordination between controllers, directives, etc.

  3. A full day at home trying to pay attention is tough when you’re me. To that end, the fact that Marc recorded everything and will have videos available to download is helpful.

  4. The included 6-month sub to FrontEnd Masters was a great perk. I’ve started to take advantage of it already.

Overall, I’d recommend the class in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a training class to help them get started in Angular. I would suggest other avenues for anyone that has a bit of experience under their belt. Personally, I’ll consider signing up for an advanced topics class by Lukas if it is offered down the road.