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Formatting Go code with goimports

A formatting tip for Go in Visual Studio Code

Go 1.13 on Windows - File Structure

Some basics I have learned while learning Go

Exploring the Polly.Contrib.WaitAndRetry helpers

Patterns and practices for wrapping code in wait-and-retry blocks when making remote calls.

SQL Server Retries with Dapper and Polly

Retryable SQL Server exceptions, that lovely little library called Polly, and Dapper (or your favorite database access library)

Measure Two Hundred Times, Tweak Twice

Let's profile some code! And see if we can figure out some great options for things that might matter

The Masked Puffin

The story of an office prank

Simple echo server in Go

A really simple echo service; or, how to have fun with Go and Docker

2017 Review

Reflections on the last year

DotNetFringe 2016

Post-conference report on one of the best indie conferences around

RavenDB Multitenant lessons learned

Lessons learned from life with RavenDB 2.5 in production