Ben Hyrman


My name is Ben Hyrman. I'm a software developer with a passion for shipping products.

I love working with others. For me, development is a team sport. We go further when we go together.

I write here; mostly about what I'm learning or working on. I occasionally write about personal things as well.

Some of my favorite posts
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Fourteen years ago, we stood in front of a judge and made a promise to each other.

Bandit the Dog
On Pets

Reflections on 14 years with our furry companion

Polly WaitAndRetry

Patterns and practices for wrapping .NET code in wait-and-retry blocks when making remote calls

Living with your creations

Lessons learned from a long-lived product


Let's profile some code! And see if we can figure out some great options for things that might matter

My newest blog entries

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