Ben Hyrman


My name is Ben Hyrman. I'm a software developer with a passion for shipping products.

I love working with others. For me, development is a team sport. We go further when we go together.

I write here; mostly about what I'm learning or working on. I occasionally write about personal things as well.

Some of my favorite posts
Kayaking on Lake Superior
14 Years

Fourteen years ago, we stood in front of a judge and made a promise to each other.

Bandit the Dog
On Pets

Reflections on 14 years with our furry companion

Polly WaitAndRetry

Patterns and practices for wrapping .NET code in wait-and-retry blocks when making remote calls

The System

A cautionary tale of hubris in IT development


Let's profile some code! And see if we can figure out some great options for things that might matter

My newest blog entries

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How many bad ways can we come up with to do something trivial?

Various ways to map data between classes

How to take data from this object and put it in that object

My Setup

A brief tour of my work environment and what I'd do or change.