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Lunch time; just me, some pan-fried potatoes from the garden, and a tech blog post. And that’s when I read the author mis-using ‘jive’ in place of ‘jibe’ twice. It’s not the first time this week that I’ve seen that. So, off to do something fun in 15 minutes over lunch.

To my surprise, jibenotjive.com was available. Perfect. Off to NameCheap (ps, I love NameCheap; I refuse to use GoDaddy for anything).

Now, for hosting… GitHub Pages + Jekyll can help with that (admittedly, Jekyll is way, way overkill). GitHub will do custom domains too.

GitHub’s help pages were less than helpful but I did find this awesome post by David Ensinger on how to get it all wired for sound.

And, so, that’s how JibeNotJive.com came to be in 15 minutes… before my potatoes and sausage even cooled off.